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LMS Perfect World 54.0

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LMS Perfect World is a diverse community of gamers nestled in a massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) that takes place in ancient mythical China.

Home to dragons, foxes, and more -- The 'Perfect World' is where you'll find yourself

LMS Perfect World is a diverse community of gamers nestled in a massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) that takes place in ancient mythical China.

Home to dragons, foxes, and more -- The 'Perfect World' is where you'll find yourself as you spawn into one of three starting areas. Each starting area is individual to the three races in the game; the Beastkind, the Elves, and the Humans.

Leap into combat on a two-headed dragon, glide into action on a pair of luminescent pixie wings, or any of the other 40 or so flying mounts; all of which is available to everyone in the Perfect World through the advanced system of furnaces -- which is somewhat like a convinience store and can be found in Ancient Dragon City as well as the item mall through which free coin for purchases can be obtained after voting for the server.

Summon your loyal pet kitten, call to your aide a mighty Phoenix, speed through quests and instances, fly to the highest mountain in heaven, swim to the deepest lake in hell .... or even sit in town with a friend and enjoy the stunning 3D graphics of the ancient Perfect World. With a set of custom mobs, custom pets, custom mounts, advanced rates of 1000x and 200x experience, near 300 fashion choices and so much more your stay in LMSPW will prove to be a memorable, unique experience unlike one you'd get on high-price grindfest official servers.

Bring a friend, bring family, bring a spouse! LMSPW will be waiting with open arms and a staff of knowledgeable, mature and friendly multi-cultural Game Moderators always there to listen and help improve on your game experience.

The server has been running 2 years now with no wipes, no rollbacks, and 100% uptime except for rare server restarts and crashes which are fixed on the dot.

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