InterNetSetUpWizard 1.0


InterNetSetUpWizard 1.0

The NetDotCom Internet Setup Wizard makes it very easy to setup any Windows computer to get online with NetDotCom.

The required information to be entered includes:

- Full Name : Your first name, first & last name, nickname, initials, etc.

The NetDotCom Internet Setup Wizard makes it very easy to setup any Windows computer to get online with NetDotCom.

The required information to be entered includes:

- Full Name : Your first name, first & last name, nickname, initials, etc.
- Username : Your NetDotCom username.
- Password :Your NetDotCom password.
- Email Address : This will automatically fill-in as you type in your username. Do not make any changes to the email address unless you have a personalized email address, ie. In this case type in your full email address. It can be different from your username, but the password will be the same. If this is not acceptable you can install the NetDotCom Internet Dialer and then use our Email Setup Wizard.
- Email Domain : When you signed up, you selected an email domain for your email address. Please select this email domain from the list provided by the wizard. If you have a personalized email domain then select "Customer" from the list.
- Next click on the Select button to select the local dial-up number. You can search by state, city or area code. Click on the number that is a local call, then click on the OK button. Consult your local telephone directory or with your telephone company to determine local access numbers. NetDotCom is not responsible for toll charges on your phone bill!
- After selecting a local dialup number, you are returned to the main wizard screen. If you have "call waiting" you should "check" the option to disable call waiting while you are online.
- Click the OK button to allow the wizard to configure your computer. You will be prompted to choose whether your telephone service area requires ten digit dialing or not. Click Yes to dial ten digits or No to dial seven digits.
- The wizard will prompt you when it is completed.
- Start your web browser, email or messaging program or double click on the "NetDotCom Internet Dialer" icon to go online.

If you have problem downloading InterNetSetUpWizard, stop using your download manager and download directly from browser. Check also your firewall, proxy settings, because some download mirrors may require that you do not block the HTTP referers.

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