IBT PHP Library and Framework 0.9.3a6
IBT PHP Library and Framework 0.9.3a6 1.0


IBT PHP Library and Framework 0.9.3a6 1.0

The IBT PHP Library (IPL) is a PHP library like no other. IPL combines the power of an enhanced function library with a structured web model to create a sort of living library.

The IBT PHP Library (IPL) is a PHP library like no other. IPL combines the power of an enhanced function library with a structured web model to create a sort of living library. This functionality allows developers to focus more intently on their code and less intently on their design. That is not to say that the design capability is any greater or worse than if you don't use the library, but the functionality of the IPL as a whole separates design from code from content while continuing to allow a smooth transition between all three parts. This is the strength of the IPL. Features:Shell Design The IPL has a unique ability to separate code from content from design in a very modular and efficient fashion. This functionality is created by providing the programmer with a shell in which to work. This shell is brought together at runtime by the IPL itself, and all of the parts of the IPL are processed in a smooth and orderly fashon. This helps set the IPL apart from most other PHP libraries. Modular Design and Dot-Syntax All classes and actions are now well structured. By making use of a dot-syntax, similar to the way that Java handles imports and instanciations, you can now import and instanciate classes and actions that are a part of the library. A new directory structure and logical directory assignments now make the library easier than ever to navigate. Custom Displays You decide how your pages are processed and what module layers to access in what order. Your display procedure is your own. Internal Functionality Internal functionality is what brings the IPL together when the programmer's work is complete. The IPL uses internal processing to combine and process all of the layers of the IPL layered processing methodology and quickly deliver a final product at runtime. Layered Processing The IPL processes pages based on a layered processing methodology. The library makes use of multiple process layers. Dynamic Content Switching Switch display content dynamically during logic processing. Dynamic SSL Switching Switch Secure Socket Layers on and off dynamically or via external queries to the IPL. (under development and testing) Action Scripts Action scripts are PHP documents that work with one or more library class, but are, themselves, included into another layer. Workflow Engine Steps are currently being taken to integrate a third party workflow engine into the library. The original workflow engine has been removed from the IPL to prepare room. Simple Configuration Configuration of the IPL is fast and easy. There are multiple configuration classes for the library that can be modified. Steps are being taken to convert these configuration files to an XML format. The IPL is also out-of-the-box operational. Database Access Database access is greatly simplified through the use of the Database class. Data Manipulation Easily manipulate data types, compact, decompact, encode, and decode data with the DataManip class. Email Processing Create and send complex or simple emails through use of the Email class. Error Processing It is easy to send errors and notices to the IPL or process them yourself. Graphing Graphing is now easier than ever with the latest graphing class. Dynamically generate charts and graphs based on any dataset. Header Manipulation Manipulate or read page headers to modify content types, site information, create forward scripts, and more. INI File Manipulation Manipulate or read INI configuration files. LDAP Directory Access Authenticate against LDAP directory servers. System Information Access Pass queries to the IPL or use a built in class to retrieve basic system and version information.

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