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Heart Graph for Kettlebelling 2.2


Heart Graph for Kettlebelling 2.2

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Make your workout more effective! See your heart rate respond to exercise so you can train at the optimal level: put yourself in control.

Your body is different every day, and it is easy to over-train or take it too easy.

Make your workout more effective! See your heart rate respond to exercise so you can train at the optimal level: put yourself in control.

Your body is different every day, and it is easy to over-train or take it too easy. Perhaps you're tired from work or have a minor illness - it can be better to do a lighter session and give your body the time it needs to recover. Or maybe this is one of those days when you don't feel fully motivated, but actually your body is ready for anything! Heart rate monitoring is an invaluable tool for helping to judge how hard your workout should be, and although this app is targeted at kettlebelling, there's no reason why you can't use it for circuits and other similar activities too.

Seeing your heart rate at a single instant is useful, but understanding how it changes over a longer period of time gives you much more information, especially when it comes to comparing workouts. Heart Graph for Kettlebelling allows you to:

* Plot your heart rate against time during your workout
* Compare heart rate from a "reference set" in a previous workout to your current session
* Review all your workouts offline (e.g., to spot trends in your training)
* Add your own notes to each workout (e.g., to record details of a particular session, sets, reps, how you felt etc.)
* Filter workouts based on the notes you've entered
* Share workout data with friends via email
* Device rotation to landscape for iPhone and iPod touch maximises screen area for graphs

As an example of how you can use Heart Graph for Kettlebelling, our lead developer starts each of his kettlebell sessions with exactly the same short set: 20 basic swings on an 8kg bell. The heart rate graph from this standard set means that the start of each workout can be fairly compared to a previous workout, providing him information he can use to optimise the rest of the session. By finishing off each workout with the same standard set, he is able to see what the impact of the workout has been - an easy session would mean the graph would be similar to the one at the start, while the effect of a harder session would lead to a larger difference between the curves.

Beyond the basics, a single In-App Purchase will enable the Premium Features of the app, giving you access to more in-depth comparison and features to support your workout:

* Design your workouts in advance - plan each set and control when you're ready to move to the next
* Share your workout plans with friends and other Heart Graph users
* Audio rep counting so you never lose count - simply make a noise every time you complete a rep and the app does the rest
* Automatic timer for time-based sets lets you know when the set is done - no more watching the clock
* Mark sections of the heart rate graph as either rep-based or time-based sets to better record the details of each specific workout
* Mark the end of each time-based and rep-based set so you can monitor how your heart rate falls when the work is over
* Compare workout and reference set statistics (such as max and mean heart rate) over time to look for trends in your training
* Side-by-side comparison of the reference sets from multiple selected workouts
* Import and export workout data to/from other apps or your computer using Garmin TCX format files (including Dropbox integration)
* Attach an image of your heart rate graph to emails for sharing with others

Finally, there are many directions in which we could further develop Heart Graph for Kettlebelling; if you have suggestions or comments, please contact us via our website support link - we look forward to hearing from you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: use of Heart Graph for Kettlebelling requires a compatible low-energy bluetooth (BTLE) external sensor such as the Wahoo Blue HR heart rate strap and the Polar H7 heart rate strap, or an ANT+ sensor connected using the Wahoo Fitness ANT+ key. Please ensure compatibility with your device before purchase.

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