FlexEdit 2.6


FlexEdit 2.6

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FlexEdit - is a smart, powerful and lightweight tool that offers you a handy solution to professionally edit any text, code and scripts.

If you need a handy, efficient and lightweight tool that gives you an easy and smart solution to edit texts,

FlexEdit - is a smart, powerful and lightweight tool that offers you a handy solution to professionally edit any text, code and scripts.

If you need a handy, efficient and lightweight tool that gives you an easy and smart solution to edit texts, code or scripts, then you certainly should try this great piece of software named FlexEdit.

FlexEdit is an easy to use, powerful and very useful text editor tool for Windows that can also be used as a hex viewer. With this amazing piece of software you can edit any text in every way you could think of, while having access to an impressive number of features, functions, tools and options. FlexEdit can save the edited files in many different formats, including: HTML, RTF, PDF and LaTeX.

Furthermore, FlexEdit is more than just a text editor, as this amazing piece of software gives you support for editing and managing files in a large variety of programing languages like: HTML, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, Pascal, XML, PHP, SQL and many other. Calculating the checksum of a file in different methods is also possible, including md5, sha1, crc32.

Likewise, another reliable feature that FlexEdit offers you is that it gives you shortcuts for the most used Widows tools like: cmd, Internet Explorer, task manager, control panel, calculator, eject USB devices, add/remove software and services. Therefore, if you use this piece of software and you need one to access one of this applications you can access them directly form its user friendly interface.

Not much more to said about this piece of software, besides that is very convenient because it requires only a few of your computer resources.

To sum it all up, FlexEdit is an easy to use, smart and powerful text editor application that also gives you a hex viewer option. Moreover, the most important thing about this piece of software is that it is completely free.

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