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Fixogram - Brisbane 1.0

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Fixogram - Brisbane is the fast and simple way to report problems around Australia's new world city - Brisbane.Ever see a pot-hole or a street light that needs fixing? Did you spot graffiti that needs removing?

Fixogram - Brisbane is the fast and simple way to report problems around Australia's new world city - Brisbane.

Ever see a pot-hole or a street light that needs fixing? Did you spot graffiti that needs removing? Snap a picture, use the map to locate the problem and submit using Fixogram - Brisbane. Civic duty? Done.

And it takes less than a minute. Generally speaking Brisbane City Council, Translink and Energex will respond to reports within 30-days.

Q: What is Fixogram - Brisbane?
A: Fixogram is the new way to report problems. See something? Say something. Snap a photo with your mobile phone, then use the locating feature to pinpoint where an incident has occurred. We built Fixogram - Brisbane so people-power can make the city a better place.

Q: How much is Fixogram - Brisbane?
A: $0.00! Fixogram - Brisbane is totally free.

Q: Where does the name come from?
A: OK, so we didn't invent the name. It's derived as a way to *telegram* a request to fix something. We took that concept and made it better.

Q: How did it all come about?
A: One of the founders was driving along in Brisbane one day and he saw some graffiti. Although the thought occurred to him that he should report it, he didn't want to spend fifteen minutes on the phone to the Brisbane City Counicl, going through all the details. Then the proverbial lightning bolt struck: build an app so the graffiti could be reported in fifteen SECONDS!

Fixogram - Brisbane was then designed, built and refined to make reporting different sorts of problems easier than ever.

Q: Does Fixogram - Brisbane only work for council problems?
A: Nope a despite what many people think, many things around the city aren't managed by BCC. Buses, for example are handled by Translink and Energex looks after street lights. We send the incident report to the appropriate authority. Here's a SAMPLE list (plenty more in the app) of things you can report (MAIN CATEGORY followed by sub category):

Animal on road
Dead animal a dog
Dead animal a cat

Bus driver complaint
Bus driver congratulations
Bus damaged a note number
go card terminal not working
Bus dirty/needs cleaning
Bus late a note details
Bus stop damaged
Bus stop inadequate

Skipper complaint
Skipper congratulations
CityCat damaged a note details
CityCat dirty/needs cleaning

Broken CityCycle
CityCycle terminal not working
Bikeway a damaged surface
Bikeway a eroded

Overgrown grass
Broken or cracked surface
Uneven surface
Dislodged pavers

Spray paint

Street light broken
Traffic lights flashing
Traffic lights out
Traffic light bulb blown

Tree/ branch fallen
Grass needs mowing
Fence broken
Rubbish in park
BBQ not working
Broken/leaking toilet
Broken/leaking tap
Play equipment needs attention

Abandoned vehicle
Parking meter not working
Illegal parking a on footpath
Illegal parking a loading zone
Illegal parking a clearway
Illegal parking a other (make note)

Traffic lights flashing
Traffic lights out
Traffic light bulb blown
Kerb damaged
Gutter blocked
Line markings are missing
Line markings a request for new
Bin knocked over
Bin not emptied
Syringe found
Broken glass

Stop sign damaged/missing
Give way sign damaged/missing
Parking sign damaged/missing
Street name sign damaged/missing
Other sign damaged/missing

Traffic island
Median strip
Private Property

Broken water main
Stormwater drain blocked
Stormwater drain damaged
Sewerage overflow
Flooding across road
Flooding in park

Q: Can you build a version of Fixogram for another city or a company or, or, anything
A: Yep. Drop us a line:

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