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Epson iPrint 4.0.1

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Print anytime, anywhere to Epson printers from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Print photos, webpages and files including MicrosoftA Word, ExcelA, PowerPointA and PDF documents. You can even scan, save and share your files.

Print anytime, anywhere to Epson printers from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Print photos, webpages and files including MicrosoftA Word, ExcelA, PowerPointA and PDF documents. You can even scan, save and share your files. Also supports online file services such as Box, Dropbox, EvernoteA*1 ,Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive.
Epson iPrint makes printing easy and convenient whether your printer is in the next room or across the world.

Key Features

* Print, scan, and share directly from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad
* Print from anywhere in the world to email-enabled Epson printers using remote print functionality
* Print photos, PDFs and Microsoft Office documents such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint
* Access and print your online files from Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive
* Use the built-in web browser to find the webpage you want to print
* Scan from your Epson all-in-one and share your file (save to your device, send via email or save online)
* Copy documents and photos using your mobile device and a nearby Epson printer
* Transfer files between your device and an SD card or USB drive via an Epson printer
* Check your printer's status and ink levels
* Print within a complex network environment using manual IP printer setup
* Get help with a built-in FAQ section
* Supports iOS version 5 or later
* Supports all iPads, iPad mini, iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 3rd Generation or later

Advanced Features

* Choose and print multiple photos
* Print your email attachments and stored files
* Configure your print options including paper size and type, number of copies, page range and one- or two-sided printing
* Print with and without borders
* Switch between color or monochrome printing
* Choose from different scanning resolutions and image types
* Optimize print quality
* Buy ink and supplies for your printer
* Setup & register to Epson Connect
* Manage remote printers

Printers Supported

Epson Artisan 700
Epson Artisan 710
Epson Artisan 725
Epson Artisan 730*2
Epson Artisan 800
Epson Artisan 810
Epson Artisan 835
Epson Artisan 837*2
Epson Artisan 1430

Expression Home XP-200*2
Expression Home XP-300*2
Expression Home XP-310*2
Expression Home XP-400*2
Expression Home XP-410*2
Expression Home XP-600*2
Expression Premium XP-610*3
Expression Premium XP-800*2
Expression Premium XP-810*3
Expression Photo XP-850*2
Expression Photo XP-950*3

Epson StylusA NX230
Epson StylusA NX330
Epson StylusA NX420
Epson StylusA NX430*2
Epson StylusA NX510
Epson StylusA NX515
Epson StylusA NX530*2
Epson StylusA NX625

Epson WorkForce 310
Epson WorkForce 323
Epson WorkForce 325
Epson WorkForce 435
Epson WorkForce 520
Epson WorkForce 545*2
Epson WorkForce 600
Epson WorkForce 610
Epson WorkForce 615
Epson WorkForce 630
Epson WorkForce 633
Epson WorkForce 635
Epson WorkForce 645*2
Epson WorkForce 840
Epson WorkForce 845*2
Epson WorkForce 2520
Epson WorkForce 2530*2
Epson WorkForce 2540*2
Epson WorkForce 3520*2
Epson WorkForce 3530*2
Epson WorkForce 3540*2
Epson WorkForce 7510*2
Epson WorkForce 7520*2

Epson WorkForce Pro 4010*2
Epson WorkForce Pro 4020*2
Epson WorkForce Pro 4023*2
Epson WorkForce Pro 4090*2
Epson WorkForce Pro 4520*2
Epson WorkForce Pro 4530*2
Epson WorkForce Pro 4533*2
Epson WorkForce Pro 4540*2
Epson WorkForce Pro 4590*2

Epson Stylus PhotoA R2000
Epson Stylus PhotoA R3000

*1 Evernote is a registered trademark of U.S. Evernote Corporation.
*2 Remote print functionality is also available
*3 Remote print, Memory card access, Copy functionalities are also available.

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