DTM Digital Terrain Mapp
DTM Digital Terrain Mapp 1.5


DTM Digital Terrain Mapp 1.5

Import Digital Elevations and display as a map or 3D. New to 1.5: Mnay new data formats and 3D Roam.New to 1.3: Polygon transparency and Line stippling for Shape file overlays.

Import Digital Elevations and display as a map or 3D. New to 1.5: Mnay new data formats and 3D Roam.New to 1.3: Polygon transparency and Line stippling for Shape file overlays. Basic start of Ecotype procedural modeling for Elevation color selection (still working on 3D object files for viewing on the 3D heightfield). The main zip file contains the program and 2 other zips: 1 of the source code and the other contains all the html and documentation info.Several new to 1.2 features are 3D file viewer, sphere-pan image viewer, 3D Image RGB Scatterplot, and generally in-progress work on a Legend-Mapping symbol selection.Produce Elevation Tints, Slope Tints, Contours, Line of Sight, LOS Masked Areas, and 3D Flyby Perspective Views using Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data. Program requires Opengl32.dll. DTM is an extension of the GL Scene Height Terrain Field (HTF) utility by Eric Grange. Source compilation with Delphi requires Gl Scene, Alex Denissov Graphics32, Graphex9, and (open previously opened files) (MRU) Ben Ziegler components. Links are in .html files included in the zip file and at my home page.Import (DEM) data into a .htf file prior to viewing. Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data from USGS or NASA Planets : Mars Mola latest .tab and .img Viking data , NOAA Etopo 5 Minute , NOAA Global Land One-km Base Elevation (GLOBE), Gtopo 30 arc second , NIMA - DTEDO, etc. download center , USGS 1:250,000..1:24,000 , NED , SRTM data at jpl.nasa , Arc or Surfer .grd, VTP.bt files, Ascii.xyz files, and binary integer elevation data optionally skipping a defined size header using inputs for the x and y size of the file.Import the data, view as 2D tints and overlay .shp files, then view as a 3D heightfield...

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