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Dansa Music Player 1.0.1

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The Music Player to match Your Swagger!? Play Your Own Music? 400 TOP Music Radio Stations? Rock 60 Glam Crazy Styles!

The Music Player to match Your Swagger!
? Play Your Own Music
? 400 TOP Music Radio Stations
? Rock 60 Glam Crazy Styles!

(#2 in Music China, #34 Overall China, #51 in Music USA, Top 100 in 50 countries)

Finally a Music Player that plays your Music and Internet Radio... and rocks your Swagger!

Show off your love for your favorite music with 60 off the chain, glam crazy Styles. A different Look every day, every hour, every minute... it's up to you!

400 of the best and most popular Internet Music Radio Stations... easy to browse and play. (No need to go thru 60,000 Internet Radio Stations to find the music you love)

Your Music should look as good as it sounds!


* Play music from your iPhone music library
* 60 wicked styles to match Your Swagger
* Swipe to browse songs with cool effects
* Covers slide across the screen in the Coaster
* Create a temporary playlist on the fly
* Stream your Music via AirPlay
* Audio Scrubber, Loop and Shuffle
* Share via Email, Facebook or Twitter
* Search Songs, Artists, Playlists, Albums
* Browse the latest Music News


* 400 most popular Music Internet Radio Stations (mostly english)
* Play Radio in background
* Radio Pause, Rewind and Forward
* Add Stations and Songs to your Favorites
* Recently played Songs and Stations
* Auto-skips Radio Stations that are offline
* Stream your Radio via AirPlay
* Apple earphone remote play, pause, next station
* Buy Radio songs in the iTunes Store (if available)
* View Genres, Stations, Favorites and Recent
* Share via Email, Facebook or Twitter


* Bling out your music with 12 free Styles
* Buy more wicked Style Collections
* Auto-rotate Styles to your own timing
* A different Look every day, hour, minute...
* Swipe to switch Styles
* Turn on/off Styles to include in Style Rotation
* Shake your iPhone for a random Style
* Stunning high-res Styles for Retina display
* Many more awesome Styles coming...

? Dynamic help screens
? Restore your in-app purchases
? Please use In-app Support, Feedback, Feature Request, FAQ, Help

You don't go out naked... so why should your Music? 

We love to hear from you!
- http://arcadonia.com/dansa
- use the in-app Feedback, Support and Help options in Dansa.
(we can't respond to reviews)

Minimum iOS 5.0.1

Please support Dansa development for more awesome features and buy some of the cool style collections!

* If you loose your in-app purchased Style Collections after an Update or Restore, use the Restore Purchases option in Settings.

Just the best and most popular Internet Radio Stations that include music like: Alternative, Ambient, Blues, Chill, Classical, Classic Hits, Country, Dance, Hip-Hop/Rap, House, Jazz, Metal, New Age, Oldies, Pop, R&B Soul, Reggae, Rock, Techno, Top Charts, Trance, Dubstep, Electronic, DJ Mixes, Funk

Inspirations: Music Player Songs Radio Country R&B Hip-Hop Rock Jazz Dance Blues Trance Top Charts Techno Skins Swagger

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