ClassBuilder (by ClassBuilder Software)
ClassBuilder (by ClassBuilder Software) v1.0


ClassBuilder (by ClassBuilder Software) v1.0

\is an integrated office suite for teachers that enhances the learning environment by improving communications, and providing more effective ways to assess student learning.

\is an integrated office suite for teachers that enhances the learning environment by improving communications, and providing more effective ways to assess student learning. ClassBuilder is a complete toolkit that can be used off-line as well as on-line. For example, you can create exams that either can be handed out the old-fashioned way or given on-line. Features of ClassBuilder include: exam creation including multiple choice, true/false, matching, and essay questions\; a visual exam grader to grade submitted exams\; the ability to create your own reports visually, or use the standard ones\; and the ability to import or export data, and easily create your own export/import drivers to communicate with other administrative software. A sample driver to import data from other products is included. ClassBuilder also comes with a gradebook that includes multiple terms\; the ability to create a grading system\; the ability to drop low scores\; attendance reporting\; yes/no assignments\; the ability to analyze statistical data\; no limitations on number of students or practically any data, and more. Internet support is built in to ClassBuilder. You can send an e-mail to a student or parent, an entire class, or all your classes at once. You can post your exams, gradebook, and reports online by the click of a mouse. You can also notify students via e-mail about an exam or report including a quick link inside of the e-mail for easy access.\

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