Chickens Great Runaway
Chickens Great Runaway 1.4.1


Chickens Great Runaway 1.4.1

Screenshot: Chickens Great Runaway 1.4.1
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?SALE $0 SALE? An application popular in Japan!!!!one month 100,000 DL!! the 2nd phase of the popular game! next timeChickens Great Runaway?Easy operation!

?SALE $0 SALE? An application popular in Japan!!!!
one month 100,000 DL!! the 2nd phase of the popular game! next timeChickens Great Runaway?
Easy operation! it is a lovely character addition -- it comes out and extremely popular also to a girl

He also gets hooked the 2nd phase!
It is a tale application of the brave chicken of three animals in the Chinese restaurant and ocean!!

iTunes ranking Free GAME The 1st place (racing section) was begun to beat.
One month after "Chickens Great Escape (the free version)" .... The second long-awaited phase

?Great Runaway!
A friend will also be three animals and it is a large reckless run.

"Chinese restaurant"
Escape from a Chinese restaurant by thing deviation at death! Don't be caught by the back and a barbarous human being!

"City area"
It escapes so that he cannot eat to - cats which are not! They are cautions also at a boy!

Sharks! Sharks! Sharks! Pirate ship!? Looming failure is also full of fleeing into the ocean.
concentration and nature which stand with their legs wide apart even if it escapes to the ocean!

?The brave chicken of three animals?
It is character introduction simply! It large-runs recklessly by which chicken?

Speed No1! He is a swift runner anyhow! Run like a wind.

The balance of the Speed stamina is Good! I will large-run recklessly!

It is stamina No1 although it is slow-moving! Push on, without avoiding an obstacle!

?I will confer a title?
A title will be conferred with the degree of achievement of a game!
Various titles are collected and it is ? to its collection.
?It corresponds in a game center.

?How to?
?Tap 'Jump' or 'High Jump' to make chicken jump
?Jump in just timing to get over difficulties

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