BatchFileRenamer 1.5.1557.10


BatchFileRenamer 1.5.1557.10

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Batch File Renamer - is an application to rename groups of files for a given pattern. It is free - anyone can use it without paying anything. The basic idea of creation this software was to make renaming process as easy as possible.

Batch File Renamer is a free application for advanced file renaming.
The most valuable features of the program are:

1)The constant monitoring of the renaming process. You constantly observe final file name
and can adjust rules of renaming for yours needs. Therefore user manages every step of
2)Entire workflow consist of a simple steps of adding so-called "processing blocks". You focus
only on one block at any moment. You have not to work with dozens of controls.
3)Dynamic variables is being used in batch renaming process.Dynamic variable contain
values about file itself like date of creation file, file size etc. Future releases will contain
advanced dynamic variables for image, music and video files.

The main idea of was to break the whole batch renaming process into small pieces (the principle of divide and rule) and allow user deal with only one instrument of renaming at any moment. Therefore is achieved transparency of yours work. What will you choose: either a program with screen with dozens of processing elements, which is dazzle your eyes, or tool based on small blocks with much less count of elements? I think the answer is obvious.

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