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Requires iPad 2 or newer.

Requires iPad 2 or newer.

Put simply, AOPA FlyQ EFB makes your flying easier and safer by thoughtfully integrating powerful features such as split screen, terrain and obstacle avoidance, 3D synthetic vision, ADS-B from several manufacturers, and automatic wind-optimized flight planning into an elegant and easy to use app.

As a member of the AOPA FlyQ family of products, you can plan flights on your PC or Mac with FlyQ Web and have the new plan automatically appear on your iPad using FlyQ EFB!

> Maps Your Way

+ 2D maps or 3D Synthetic Vision
+ Sectionals or IFR charts
+ Radar
+ Satellite
+ Fuel prices for more than 2,000 airports
+ Obstacle and terrain avoidance

You name it, FlyQ has it and you can mix and match all of these layers on the 2D map.

One tap switches from 2D to 3D Synthetic Vision or back again. Synthetic Vision includes HITS (Highway-In-The-Sky) boxes and a fighter-style EFIS display. 3D terrain comes alive because we wrap true seamless Sectionals or IFR Enroute charts around the terrain. Terrain and obstacle avoidance also work in 3D.

Add an AHRS for even more accuracy.

Split screen or single screen? FlyQ begins in full-screen mode, using simple tabs to select major function: Airports, Weather, Plans, Maps, and Procedures. Want airport information? Tap the Airports tab. Want a map? Tap the Maps tab. Or tap the Split button and FlyQ shows a map plus any other type of info such as a second map or a geo-referenced approach procedure.

Track Up? North Up? A simple tap that switches between them.

> Procedures

FlyQ includes Seattle Avionics geo-referenced approach plates and airport diagrams. Split screen mode can show a map and a procedure simultaneously. Swipe to switch procedures.

> Flight Planning

FlyQ plans flights any way you like:

1. Enter a series of indents in the Search box.

2. Use the Plans tab to automatically compute a wind-optimized course along Victor airways, Jet airways, or GPS Direct. In about 30 seconds, you'll see a complete flight plan with all the navaids and fixes -- not just a straight line. FlyQ uses expected winds to plot the fastest course, saving time and money on every flight.

3. Rubber-band flight plans directly on the map.

Flight plans are automatically shared between all your devices so plans created on your iPhone are automatically available on your iPad and vice versa.

> Weather

FlyQ EFB uses your GPS position to display the current temperature, Nexrad images, local METARs and TAFs, and a plain-text seven-day forecast. It also includes patent-pending Graphical Wind Optimizer that uses simple red and green bars to show the headwind or tailwind you'll get at different altitudes. There is also a gallery of US and Canadian weather images.

Even connect your Dual or Clarity ADS-B receiver and get weather delivered as you fly!

> Airport Information

FlyQ makes it easy get airport information: Enter an ident or name in the top Search box, double-tap a map, touch any entry in your flight plan, or watch a list of nearby airports that updates as you fly. You'll be amazed how clear the presentation is. No simple "data dump", the Airport screen was carefully crafted to show key operational info, runways, frequencies, and even satellite images and runway diagrams, on a single screen. Weather, approach procedures, and the incredible AOPA Airports directory are just a tap away.

> Data Manager

FlyQ makes it painless to download new data every month: simply spin and zoom a 3D globe to visually select the states you're interested in and FlyQ does the rest. FlyQ downloads incredibly fast because it downloads just the new information each month, not all data. As most aviation data remains the same every month, this feature alone can save you hours (the first download takes longer because FlyQ downloads terrain data).

> Try it before you buy it

Experience everything FlyQ EFB offers with a free 30-day subscription.

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