AID.Works 3.1


AID.Works 3.1

Years of experience with SolidWorks Add-In applications development enabled us to identify that automation of this process will significantly boost our productivity. An in-depth analysis helped us develop AID

Years of experience with SolidWorks Add-In applications development enabled us to identify that automation of this process will significantly boost our productivity. An in-depth analysis helped us develop AID.Works, a cutting-edge solution for SW Add-In developers.

What it Does
The software, supported by MS Visual Studio 2005 and 2008, is comprised of two main features:

1. Easy-to-use project creation Wizard that helps build basic infrastructure for any SolidWorks add-in. The Wizard also allows you to specify different interfaces available in SolidWorks API. For user's convenience it automatically generates a skeleton of the code whether you are building a C or a C# application.

2. Ability to integrate new SolidWorks API interfaces with an already developed add-in. A skeleton code is automatically generated once your modifications are complete.

To measure the effectiveness of AID.Works, we tested it on our own work. The discovery was stunning - AID.Works was proven to cut the time spent on the initial stages of our add-in development process by up to 80%! We are happy to share AID.Works with you for FREE.

Why it is better than other market alternatives
SolidWorks offers a similar product to its users, but our solution alternative is better. Advantages include, but are not limited to: the capability to edit an already existing project, added support for Mouse Events, Undo Controller Events, Task Pane Events, Menu and Toolbar, create Property Page, Task Pane Control, and it is multi-language.

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