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Freeware Programs: Falco Software Company
Download Falco Auto Image 7.0

Falco Auto Image 7.0  Falco Auto Image supports a comprehensive environment for professional designers and graphics producers to create unique images.

Download KickBall3D 1.1

KickBall3D 1.1  Amazing game. OpenGL Game. Kick the ball!

Download Falco GIF Animator 5.1

Falco GIF Animator 5.1  Falco GIF Animator is a Graphics Tool to create, edit and export Animated GIFs. Create professional looking Animated GIFs with ease.

Download Sea Attack 2.7

Sea Attack 2.7  You are the captain of a big warship, that was created to destroy enemy submarines. Enemies will attack you and the further you go - the stronger the weapons they use against you will be. Bonuses and the store will help you.

Download Orange Fun 1.0

Orange Fun 1.0  Orange Fun is a massively popular Tetris-like game. Blocks shapes composed of 4 blocks each are falling down the screen&one has to direct them so they will fit to the wall on the bottom. When a line of blocks has no gaps it is complete&disappears.

Download Falco Billiard 1.1

Falco Billiard 1.1  American billiard 3D is a unique billiard game simulator that lets you your billiard gaming skills on a PC. Just imagine you do not need to pay for a physical table or for a private teacher each time you just want to learn or practice.

Download Face Beauty Rank 4.6

Face Beauty Rank 4.6  Entertain your family and friends with a new gadget! Rank the beauty of a human face automatically based on a single facial photograph. Hours of entertainment are guaranteed when you score your own and your friends' faces against celebrities!

Download Falco Miner 1.5

Falco Miner 1.5  The aim of the game is to clear a minefield. With each new level, the number of mines increases. This game is suitable for all users with its friendly, intuitive interface.

Download Falco Twins 1.4

Falco Twins 1.4  Similar to the classic "Old Maid" card game. Your goal is to match all pairs of pictures as quickly as possible. To succeed in the game you must pay close attention and remember the position of images that open during the first few seconds.

Download Kill Them All 4.8

Kill Them All 4.8  Fight nasty pirates! Recently, Gloomy Jack betrayed his crew, so they staged a mutiny and threw his ass overboard! How dare they? But he survived.

Download Easy Chess 1.8

Easy Chess 1.8  The virtual incarnation of chess will not disappoint fans of the original, ages-old chess game. Exciting new themes appear constantly, kings change crowns and regularly hold unusual chess tournaments.

Download Tanks Start Of The War 1.3

Tanks Start Of The War 1.3  This beautiful game has 2 modes: 1. Classic - Defend your base from scary enemies. 2. Flag mode - Crafty enemies with a swarming type of intelligence conspire to steal your flag. You can't even let them on your base!

Download TMD Fifteens 1.2

TMD Fifteens 1.2  Way back in 1878, a new game 'Fifteens' was invented and soon made a big splash. Thousands of people would play this game day and night, moving small squares in wooden boxes.

Download TMD Puzzle 1.2

TMD Puzzle 1.2  The game is like fifteens, but here you can determine number of fragments depending on the desired difficulty. You will move pieces of a picture instead of blocks. To finish the game you need need to pull together all pieces to a picture.

Download Slash Xonix 1.2

Slash Xonix 1.2  The classic version of Xonix. Control the scissors and cut off pieces of the field. Angry balls are moving about the field and can hurt you. Accessible to all users with its friendly, intuitive interface.

Download Poor Stackup 1.2

Poor Stackup 1.2  Three figures are falling down from the top. Fold the same figures in a series of 3 or more. Accessible to all users with its friendly, intuitive interface.

Download Dead Hat 1.6

Dead Hat 1.6  Defy gravity, break all of the rules. Kick ass and take names! You're not a Super Hero, just a regular guy looking for some excitement. The excitement might be more than you can handle, or maybe you are up to the challenge after all, the adventure.

Download Stix Hokkey 1.4

Stix Hokkey 1.4  Move blocks up and down the field. Shoot the ball between the blocks to score a goal in the opponent's gate! Accessible to all users with its friendly, intuitive interface.

Download Ding Lines 1.4

Ding Lines 1.4  Collect 5 or more figures in a series. The field in Ding Lines has 15 cells, not the usual 9, making gameplay more challenging. Accessible to all users with its friendly, intuitive interface.

Download Falco Pick Flip 1.4

Falco Pick Flip 1.4  Two identical photos of girls are hidden at the field. Your aim is to open the same photos, making as few mistakes as possible. Falco Pick Flip is accessible to all users with its friendly, intuitive interface.

Download Falco Pacmania 1.9

Falco Pacmania 1.9  Remake of the well-known Pacman. In this game you have to manage Dragon Georgeolo Bushido Dragon. The goal - collect all points on the screen and not be grasped by the enemies.

Download Falco Fire 2.8

Falco Fire 2.8  Falco Fire - The year is 2105. Climatic disasters and energy shortages lead to widespread panic and chaos. A new energy field is discovered in Siberia which may very well be the last one on Earth.

Download Falco Case 1.6

Falco Case 1.6  Click chips to invert their orientation both horizontally and vertically until the whole area is opened. This game is suitable for all users with its friendly, intuitive interface.

Download Falco Clix 1.5

Falco Clix 1.5  The object is to clear monochromatic chips that are in contact with one-another. Empty space will be filled with crumbling and remaining whole chips. Keep the number of chips to a minimum, and your space won't fill up.

Download Falco LinesFig 1.5

Falco LinesFig 1.5  The goal of "Lines Fig" is to collect as many points as possible, combining multi-colored chips as depicted in the illustration. This game is suitable for all users with its friendly, intuitive interface.

Download Falco InPlace 1.5

Falco InPlace 1.5  The aim of the game is to carefully align chips where they fit best. Face them the wrong way and the picture is closed.

Download Red Planet 1.8

Red Planet 1.8  Platform Game - Puzzle, in a magnificent red hue. A brave hero uses his very, very long sword to find his way through a crowd of vicious enemies.

Download Falco RT Xonix 1.8

Falco RT Xonix 1.8  A remake of a famous game with new bonuses and thoroughly balanced gameplay. The game features the original soundtrack, which adds a new dimension to the game giving it the unique action feeling.

Download Falco Bounce 3D 1.4

Falco Bounce 3D 1.4  Test your nerve. Nothing complicated, just a ball which collects coins. Guns get in your way, but there is a weapon to fight them with. Collect all coins to complete each level.

Download Falco Bounce 3D 2 1.4

Falco Bounce 3D 2 1.4  Sequel of the ball game, collecting coins. More weapons, special capabilities, physics, new interface and graphics. Download and enjoy! The same hassle in a new setting. Education: + 5 levels.