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Download Booom Link 1.0

Booom Link 1.0  It is very simple game. How To.... 1. A frame appears randomly at the top on either side of the bomb stack. Rotate a bomb to make its fuse touch a flame, and blow up. 2.

Download Marble Shooter 1.0

Marble Shooter 1.0  Game Features: ? Get score points by hitting 3 or more of the same type of ball. ? It is very easy to learn how to play it. ? designed 98 levels, from easy to difficult. ?

Download Doughnut Building 1.0

Doughnut Building 1.0  feature ? Very Very simple game? Simple Touch Operation 2way mode support? 1 mode you can moving drop and left or right at the same time.select to move left or right falling doughnut ?

Download Telescope Max 6x 1.0

Telescope Max 6x 1.0  It is telescope max 6x. this function is digital zoom in/out.

Download Oil Paint Effect Camera 1.0

Oil Paint Effect Camera 1.0  Description It is app in image processing using oil-paint effect lens. You can take a picture or the photos are stored in phone.

Download CartoonEffectCamera 1.0

CartoonEffectCamera 1.0  current image in real time will change the Cartoon image. And User can take picture of wanted scene. ? Function.

Download Past Stamp Camera 1.0

Past Stamp Camera 1.0  Past Stamp Camera - take pictures of past Good Choice for baby, animals, group. This camera is good at capturing the moments. Have you ever regret pressing the shutter too late?