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Download AresGalaxy Download Thruster 2.2.0

AresGalaxy Download Thruster 2.2.0  AresGalaxy Download Thruster is a lite download speeder created for users of Ares p2p client who want to enhance their download speeds. It comes with an intelligent architecture that allows it to automatically reveal more download sources.

Download eMule Download Thruster 3.5.0

eMule Download Thruster 3.5.0  eMule Download Thruster is a recommended downloading speeder for the eMule client. It includes features meant to prevent slow downloads and traffic jams but also acts as a manager for your Internet connection settings.

Download uTorrent Download Thruster 2.3.0

uTorrent Download Thruster 2.3.0  uTorrent Download Thruster is an easy-to-work-with add-on for the most popular file sharing application in the world. It's an extremely useful addition if you want to improve your search results and get the highest download speeds.

Download FrostWire Download Thruster 2.4.0

FrostWire Download Thruster 2.4.0  FrostWire Download Thruster is a newly born download patch aiming at boosting the core features of your Frostwire client. It allows multiple download sources, bandwidth management system and doubles your download speeds.

Download Vuze Download Thruster 2.1.0

Vuze Download Thruster 2.1.0  Vuze Download Thruster is a technologically potent p2p module for high speed downloading when using Vuze p2p client. It helps you get more search results in less time and includes as ability an appropriate management of your bandwidth.