Freeware Programs: DoubleGames
Download Thanksgiving Promenade screensaver 1.0

Thanksgiving Promenade screensaver 1.0  Fall is winding down, but the final week of November has prepared for us one of the most pleasant holidays - Thanksgiving Day. It is high time to offer thanks, of family friendly gatherings and holiday dinner. A time of big turkeys, sweet

Download Cardboard Safari 1.0

Cardboard Safari 1.0  Cardboard Safari Fast paced driving and shooting game in a safari setting. Knock over the animals, find power-ups and try to trigger a stampede! Arrows or WAD to move and jump. Click mouse to shoot. Hit the cardboard animals. Avoid trees and

Download Grave Digger 1.0

Grave Digger 1.0  It is Halloween, dig and collect as much gold as possible!! Drive away the ghost by clicking on them. Have fun with this addictive game! Dig up graves Due to the fact speedy Due to the fact you ll on your search for money

Download AirWar 1.0

AirWar 1.0  If your day is long and boring and you want to change it, we have a game for you to play! Become a helicopter pilot and destroy all your enemies! Collect all the bonuses and power ups and show them what you are really made of! It's unbelievable that

Download TackAToy 1.0

TackAToy 1.0  Fall into an animated world of TackAToy with Winny the Pooh, elephants and many others... Bur unfortunately, the heroes lost its parts of body. So, now you should help them find it and get a new life. Gather favourite characters by parts

Download Butterfly Arkanoid 1.0

Butterfly Arkanoid 1.0  Once upon a time, there was a beautiful and happy country named Butterflyland, where all butterflies were gay and free. The land was blessed until evil greedy dwarfs came and shattered peace and quiet of this place. The evildoers captured all

Download Space Labirint 1.0

Space Labirint 1.0  Space Labirint is the game for accurate persone. You must reach the teleport light, but to make this you should pass not an easy way. During your adventure you will have to gather all the bonusus to get more points

Download Brain Voyage 1.0

Brain Voyage 1.0  Travel the world with the award-winning puzzle and board game designer Dr. Reiner Knizia as you visit iconic global cities in an attempt to solve ingenious conundrums. This is no ordinary trip, however.It is a journay to broaden people's mind

Download Fishing Fun game 1.1

Fishing Fun game 1.1  Hunting for some fun? Then play a great fascinating game Fishing Fun! Fishing will become your favourite hobby! Go to the sea in your little boat. You have only a little harpoon in your arms. The sea is calm and nothing presages trouble

Download Valentine's Shop 1.0

Valentine's Shop 1.0  Lady Valentine wants to help people celebrate her namesake day and she needs you to help run her store and make money to improve and grow. In Valentine's Shop you can feel yourself an entrepreneur, organize your business, enlarge assortment of

Download Game for Money 1.0

Game for Money 1.0  Investment is a very good way to make a fortune, but you need to know in what field of business to invest! It's a very risky decision: you can either win or loose.The Game for Money which can teach you the basic rules of investment

Download Treasure in the dark 1.0

Treasure in the dark 1.0  Find the path to the treasure chest and back to the cave entrance, without touching the cave walls. Try to memorize the path (the grids will help you.), because you can only see the cave walls at the cave entrance

Download Turti trop 1.0

Turti trop 1.0  The scenario of the game is a tropical island beach where the player has to help Turtles of the same color find each other by interaction with the Starfish that point the Turtles in the right direction

Download Gazzoline 1.0

Gazzoline 1.0  In Gazzoline, you have to fill the gas tanks of your clients quickly. At the end of each level you can buy upgrades for your gas station and create the ultimate money making filling station

Download Fun Pool 9 1.0

Fun Pool 9 1.0  Are you mad on billiards? Then try your hand at this best billiards-simulator called Online Pool 9! Are you just a beginner? Never mind it is a great chance to brush up your skills and become the master of this addictive game