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Freeware Programs: DekTec Digital Video B.V.
Download DtInfo 2.1

DtInfo 2.1  DtInfo is a easy to use small utitlity with a firendly interface that lists information about DekTec devices which are currently connected to your system. DtInfo shows you the DTA, DTU, DTE adapters installed on the system in a small toolbar across

Download MuxXpert 2.6

MuxXpert 2.6  The MuxXpert is a development kit for creating custom real-time multiplexing applications with DekTec's MuxXpert software multiplexing framework. - The MuxXpert runtime functions can be used from any .NET language such as C /CLI, C# or VB.NET.

Download VISUALmpeg PRO MPEG-2 Video Analyser (DTC-350) 5.0

VISUALmpeg PRO MPEG-2 Video Analyser (DTC-350) 5.0  Off-line software for in-depth analysis, quality measurements, error logging and visualisation of MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and H.264 AVC video streams Graphs of quality index (overall quality level of MPEG video), distortion index (indication of MPEG