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Download Color Finder 1.0

Color Finder 1.0  Find Color of any Screen Pixel with with Free Color Finder. Works with Windows XP, Windows 8 and other Microsoft Windows Version to pick screen pixel color. RGB Color values and Screen Location are displayed in the Color Finder Screen Utility's

Download RGB Color Picker 1.0

RGB Color Picker 1.0  Pick Screen Color Color and use inbuilt Editor to change selected color on your Windows Computer. Seperate RGB values are displayed in the RGB Editor and the software also displays hexadecimal values.

Download File Locator 1.0

File Locator 1.0  Locate File in Windows Explorer from Application Window. Just point Mouse Cursor to any Application Window and press the Shortcut Key to let this File Locator Find the Application File Path for you.

Download Process Killer 1.00

Process Killer 1.00  Process Killer to terminate Windows Process. Works from Windows XP onwards. This utility is a Task Manager alternative to terminate Windows process.

Download Text Encryption Software 1.0

Text Encryption Software 1.0  Encrypt Text with Free Encryption Software for Extra Security. This Free Text Encryption Software allows you to encrypt and decrypt text of almost any length. A User Defined Password is used to Encrypt / Decrypt the Text.

Download Text to Image Converter 1.0

Text to Image Converter 1.0  Convert Text to Images with Selected Font and Colors with Daanav Text to Image Converter. This Freeware Application can be really handy when you have multiple text strings that you want to be converted to Images.