Freeware Programs: Cybia
Download EasyMAcc 1.1

EasyMAcc 1.1  If you only sell a small selection of fixed-priced products through your website or other online store, then EasyMAcc will let you keep track of your sales/profits without having the need for using a full spreadsheet or dedicated accounting package.

Download Plug-In Switch 1.1

Plug-In Switch 1.1  With hundreds of plug-in filters now available for expanding your host applications, it becomes essential to have a quick and easy way of organising the all the installed files.

Download Image Inc. 1.0

Image Inc. 1.0  The purpose of this software is to blend existing images in a very fast and easy way, using a layer mask for transparency. The process is simple ... load a base image, top layer plus mask and they are automatically merged by the program.

Download Pasteboard 2.0

Pasteboard 2.0  A basic multipage notebook which is handy for holding text while you cut, copy and paste between different programs. It allows you to get around the limitations of a single clipboard in Windows.

Download PlainView 1.0

PlainView 1.0  If you have lots of plain text files on your hard drive then you will know how frustrating it can be sometimes to open them all individually to find the info you are looking for.

Download Typefacer 1.0

Typefacer 1.0  It lets you quickly preview the different typefaces available, which is Ideal if you are looking for a suitable font style for your project

Download Chromagic 1.1

Chromagic 1.1  PNG, GIF, and PSD formats can store the background transparent color in an image. Chromagic software can remove the background color from any image format to PNG, GIF, or PSD formats

Download Colour Surprise 1.0

Colour Surprise 1.0  Colour Surprise is a great and easy-to-use graphics tool that offers a quick and easy way to randomize the color in your photos or 3D renders

Download Junior Airbrush 1.0

Junior Airbrush 1.0  Junior Airbrush: Although I realise that the world doesn't need yet another paint package, here's my own contribution to the theme! It's very basic though so don't expect anything fancy