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License: Freeware
Date Added: 19 January, 2013
Category: Scripts / Customer Support Software
Author: cstool

Customer Support Tool (cstool) is a web based customer report management tool, based on PHP, using MySQL as the backend for data storage. It is more geared for use by not technically-inclined Customer Support and is easy to use and install.



Customer Support Tool (cstool) is a web based customer report management tool, based on PHP, using MySQL as the backend for data storage. It is more geared for use by not technically-inclined Customer Support and is easy to use and install.Features: - Addition of a new reports - Update reports - 6 levels of report status (OPEN,WORKING,PENDING,WAIT,OTHER,CLOSE) - Action seperation according to roles (customer support, engineers). Only customer support can add new reports. - Search capabilities with keyword or report id. - Automatic insertion of username and date during report editing. - Automatic email message sent when reports are updated or new reports are inserted. - Simple to use and to install.

Operating Systems:  PHP, Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS

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