Freeware Programs: Cubelox
Download Cubelox XZ 1.0

Cubelox XZ 1.0  Cubelox XZ - Protect your files with the strongest encryption. Cubelox XZ is a handy and reliable utility designed to provide you with the strongest protection for your files. It uses the strongest linear encryption algorithm (Rijndael), in order to

Download Cubelox Hash 1.0

Cubelox Hash 1.0  Cubelox Hash is the new solution by Cubelox that gives you the capability to calculate the hash values of your files. - Hashvalue of a file is its signature. Specifically, a hash value is a signature of the file's data that makes it unique. -

Download Cubelox Greeklisher 1.0

Cubelox Greeklisher 1.0  Cubelox Greeklisher is a very useful application that was designed in order to help you easily turn your texts written in Greek characters into Greeklish