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Download Balancing Mathai 1.1

Balancing Mathai 1.1  Simple fun game where you try to balance Mathai on a coconut tree. He has drunk a lot of local alcohol 'Toddy' and needs your help. Use either Touch or Tilt controls to balance and try posting highscores. Balancing Mathai is Openfeint enabled.

Download Quash Board 1.1

Quash Board 1.1  Quash board puzzle is a simple looking game which will challenge your brain. Try solving the 80 awesome levels. The objective is simple, remove all balls from board except one.

Download Exoskeleton 1.0

Exoskeleton 1.0  Control the exoskeleton battle the waves of mutated bio hazardous enemies. Run around, blast away incoming attacks, upgrade & unlock features. Play 20+ action packed stages & try to defend the territory till you fall.

Download Jewel Match by Csharks 1.1

Jewel Match by Csharks 1.1  Match the Jewel triplets to fuse them. You can either tilt the device to rotate the grid or swipe the screen to move the jewels to a direction. Match all Jewels to advance levels. You have limited time and the timer is ticking.