COWON Jet-Audio

Screenshot: COWON Jet-Audio v4.7
License: Freeware
Size: 8.0 MB
Date Added: 06 January, 2009
Category: Education / Music
Author: COWON Systems, Inc.

Lets you enjoy Internet radio, audio CDs, digital audio, MIDI files, video files, and more.



Lets you enjoy Internet radio, audio CDs, digital audio, MIDI files, video files, and more. Jet-Audio has several components: a mixer (with a 20-band graphic equalizer with predefined pre-sets for different music genres); a digital signal processor (which provides spectrum analysis and reverb and 3D sound effects); an audio CD player (that can read audio CD album information from Internet CD databases); a digital audio player (that handles MP3, WAV and RealAudio G2 formats); a MIDI file player (which handles MID, MOD, XM, and S3M files); and a digital video player (which handles AVI, QTW, RM, MOV and MPG files). Each component can be operated separately. A floating remote controller can operate most of Jet-Audio's functions while saving desktop space. All components support repeat modes, various playback sequences, direct track access, instant shifting function, multiple albums, and have a click-sensitive display panel. For advanced users, a command-line interface is available.Other features of Jet-Audio include: different playback modes; speed control for the video player; a customizable interface; support for a wide variety of file types, including WAV, MP3, RA, STM, IT, ULT, 669, FAR, MED, MDL, NST, OKT, and WOW file formats; the ability to convert CD sound data to WAV and RA; the ability to convert MP3 to WAV format; video screen capture; Internet CDDB (CD DataBase) support; the ability to print CD information; support for streaming media; and much more. It includes Jet-Radio, a program that lets you enjoy Internet radio broadcasts, and UIB Maker that lets you customize the look of COWON Jet-Audio.

Operating Systems:  Windows 95 , Windows 98 , Windows ME

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