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Following classic scheme of Cossacks and its development, Imperia goes trough 3 centuries, adding after 17th and 18th century the 19th, the epoch of Napoleonic wars with its uniforms and troops ...



Following classic scheme of Cossacks and its development, Imperia goes trough 3 centuries, adding after 17th and 18th century the 19th, the epoch of Napoleonic wars with its uniforms and troops. When going trough centuries (from 17th to 18th and from 18th to 19th) outdated troops can not be built anymore and their place is taken by the troops of the proper epoch. So in the 17th century you can build the armoured pikeman, while in the 18th century its place is taken by pikeman of the 18th century and it will start coming out queued instead of armoured pikeman, whilst in the 19th century the pikeman will be an outdated unit and will stop being created. Psychology, strategy and tactics of the PC (AI) is fully processed and reworked to a whole new level. Now there are 5 levels of AI opponent. The AI is now a merciless opponent, which ably attacks, pitilessly occupies your domains now, and then systematically destroys them. AI on imperial level (on PT 10-15 min or even without PT) can successfully resist veteran players which on the internet have a rank of a 'count' or 'marquis'. Thus Imperia allows with equal interest to fight not only on the internet with a deserving opponent, but also against the computer, what was not possible in the original game, where the AI was frankly weak. Functions of DIP (Diplomatic center) were extensively reworked. The interface of "Imperia" fully corresponds the interface of original game, but gives far bole wide spectrum of choice of the primordial tuning. The biggest attractiveness in "Imperia" is concluded in fully processed AI, taking into account the specific of every nation and, that is especially important is experience of internet-wars. Now AI uses those receptions and tactic, what experimental players, battling in on-line. Ukraine attacks large with masses of the cossacks and thick lines of famous serduks. Turkey attacks with the thick lines of equestrian archers and crowds of the numerous infantry. And other specific tactic for each nation. In 18th and 19th century AI uses different sizes of formations with an officer: 36 grenadiers formation, 72 musketeers formation, 120 fusilier formation and guardsmen.
At "imperial" level all battle identically firmly. Especially successfully, to our mind, AI uses the cavalry.
From internet-wars the AI also adopted the skilful use of market. The AI no longer upgrades the mine first, as in the original, that enriched, and above all things develops the option of trading in a stone and the massively sells it, as well as surpluses of corn and wood, if the AI has it.
So do not get surprised when, upgrade for stone, you start the to get a huge amount of stone but when you look at the market, you will suddenly see, that prices for stone largely fell down. It means that the AI just pushed the stone into the market before you and dropped the price. Due to these transactions of the AI, it quickly collects the necessary capital for passing to the next epoch and upgrade of the units. What is MOD, without original ideas? It is just a drawing again and alteration of the prototype. "IMPERIA" in this plan advantageously distinguishes the row of original innovations. And the most important, I would select a "game with changing unions". It is in principle a new option which was not in "Back to war".
How this option works?. If you place on the map the amount of players at your discretion in the option "each nation for itself" or in unions (teams) of 2?2 You or 3?3 You. After expiration of PT (if you placed PT, which is not necessary) and as every war goes someone will begin to win, and someone - to stand a defeat. For example, Prussia broke up Poland, destroying greater part of its peasants, some amount of structures and basic forces of its army. Being defeated Poland becomes a satellite of Prussia, entering with her into a union, about what you get a proper notification on the screen.

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