Freeware Programs: cosmores
Download Travel To Santorini 1.0

Travel To Santorini 1.0  Your personal on line guide to a unique island! Santorini is one of the top ten most beloved destinations around the world!

Download Travel To Mykonos 1.0

Travel To Mykonos 1.0  Your personal on line guide to the funkiest island! The ever famous island of Mykonos! Golden, sandy beaches, intense nightlife, exclusive elite shops, beautiful hotels.... an island that is a "must" when visiting Greece.

Download Cosmores 1.0

Cosmores 1.0  The application is used by registered hoteliers, in order to view, confirm or reject bookings for their hotels.

Download Greece Athens 1.0

Greece Athens 1.0  Your personal on line guide to the city that was the cradle of civilization! Athens. The city with the most glorious history in the world, a city worshipped by gods and people, a magical city.