Freeware Programs: ContentGenerator
Download Match-up quiz generator 1.0

Match-up quiz generator 1.0  The software allows anyone to create their own interactive Flash quiz without the need for programming skills or any additional expensive software. You type your questions into the interface, make your selections and then press 'generate'

Download Multi-choice quiz generator 1.0

Multi-choice quiz generator 1.0  This program allows anyone to generate their own Flash-based multiple-choice quizzes. The use of Flash means that the quizzes can be used on any webpage, learning environment, intranet or just a single computer. You have a choice of three

Download Half a Min 1.1 Half a Min 1.1  Generate your own interactive Flash learning wordplay quizzes. Main Features: - Part of the mini-suite - free programs based around anagrams / terminology challenges. - Create your own Flash-based interactive quiz -