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Plug in and Smile.
ConnectMyFolksa? was designed expressly to connect seniors who aren't comfortable with technology with those of us who are.



Plug in and Smile.
ConnectMyFolksa? was designed expressly to connect seniors who aren't comfortable with technology with those of us who are. It closes the digital divide by allowing you a the tech-savvy user a to send email, texts, photos and videos to your senior simply by using a free email address.

This app lets you easily share:
* Text messages
* Emails
* Photos
* Videos

What People are Saying

*ConnectMyFolks looks like an ideal solution for my tech-fascinated (but still very last-century) father, as well as my decidedly techno-phobic mother.* a Adriana Lee, TechnoBuffalo

*Are you frustrated that your mom can't easily exchange e-mails, photos and videos with you and your kids? Then you might want to use this Mother's Day to help her stay better connected to your family by hooking her up with the ConnectMyFolks iPad app* a New York Post

*Whether you live across the country or just down the road, apps are a great way to keep in touch with aging parents and loved ones. ConnectMyFolks is a free app that installs on your senior's iPad so he or she can receive emails, texts, photos and videos without the hassle of a computer, traditional email account or other service.* a The Aging Suite, Tips and Tools for Aging in Place

*The monitored contact list is a key feature: only approved contacts can send or receive messages, nullifying the ability of spammers, Nigerian princes, scams, and phishing sites to push unwanted and misleading messages via ConnectMyFolks* a Mobile

*...lets caregivers exchange email, texts, photos and videos with loved ones. While the caregiver can use any computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone, the care recipient only needs an iPad. * a AARP Blog, Sally Abrahms

How it Works
You simply download ConnectMyFolksa? onto your senior's iPad. You'll use a web-based *dashboard* to set up preferences (font sizes, reply options) and build an address book of approved senders. This list eliminates spam, ads and unwanted messages.

It's that easy. And the app and email address are free.

Your user can also initiate a message to someone in his or her address book/approved sender list. This can be done with a touch of a button to send a pre-set "quick reply" a custom message typed using the iPad keyboard, or a voice message. All of these messages deliver to the recipient's email account.

After receiving a message or image, large buttons allow the user to respond to messages and images with:
* A typed email message
* 3 pre-set, customized messages that deliver via email
* Voice recording that delivers via email

A web-based dashboard lets you manage preferences for the user:
* Address book: Build and maintain an address book and invite others to connect
* Photo albums: Create and arrange photo albums, using drag-and-drop
* Easy responses: Create "quick replies" to make it easy for your user to acknowledge an email or send a quick message.
* "No typing needed" option: Allow/disallow typed messages (leaving quick replies and/or voice messages).
* Voice messaging: Allow/disallow voice replies of 30, 45 or 60 seconds in length
* Font sizes: Adjust minimum font size
* Image settings: Set maximum number of recent pictures, photos per album and videos
* Message settings: Set the maximum number of messages in the inbox
* News feed: See your user's activity when you log in to the dashboard (message contents are not available, but the sender, time and date of messages are provided)

App features for your user's easy use:
* Ad and spam-free
* Intuitive navigation is designed for the non-computer user
* Use of meaningful and recognizable icons (envelope for mail, camera for photo, film reel for videos)
* Large, easy-to-read type
* Settings for minimum type sizes
* "Go home" function on every page for easy, recognizable navigation

Learn more at

System Requirements:  Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Operating Systems:  iOS, iPhone

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