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Download Extension renamer 1.0

Extension renamer 1.0  This application is intended for the purpose of batch renaming of file extensions. This can be achieved with any file extension and can be changed from anything to anything. Its primary function was for renaming the files that Imscan produces into .

Download Filename Counter 1.0

Filename Counter 1.0  The target directory can be browsed to and then simply counted via the interface.

Download Tiff Viewer 1.0

Tiff Viewer 1.0  This is an application that will open tiff files, either single or multipage and display them in an easily viewable format.The user has the option to skip pages, magnify or jump to the beginning or the end of the document.

Download Blank Tiff Generator 1.0

Blank Tiff Generator 1.0  As the title suggests, this program creates an empty Tiff image file. The number of pages that the produced may file contain can be specified, ranging from 1- 1000.

Download Tiff Combiner Renamer 1.0

Tiff Combiner Renamer 1.0  It traverses the specified directory structure (including subdirectories) and combines any found tiffs into one and places the new file in the folder where the original tiffs were found. The original files are replaced with the merged ones.

Download Tiff Inserter 1.0

Tiff Inserter 1.0  This program lets you pick a directory that contains the target file(s), lets you select an image to insert and gives the user the opportunity to insert the tiff at a specified point within the file.

Download Tiff Suite 05 1.0

Tiff Suite 05 1.0  Tiff Suite is a free collection of applications designed to aid in the production and manipulation of images with .tif file extensions. It also includes several file and directory functions that are intended to save with time and effort.

Download Directory Splitter 1.0

Directory Splitter 1.0  This application takes an input directory and divides its contents up into user specified groups of megabytes.