Freeware Programs: COLOPL, Inc.
Download Hocus Pocus Blaster! 1.0.1

Hocus Pocus Blaster! 1.0.1  Use your magic wand to aim and shoot at magic items! *Hocus Pocus Blaster!* is the 3rd shooting game in the ultra popular series which has been download over 2 million times, *PopCork!* and *PopCork Pirates!*.

Download Nightbird Trigger

Nightbird Trigger  * Regarging problems and support in iOS7. Concentrate and aim for the split second gap when it appears! Shoot through the gap to bypass security and escape!

Download B.B.Bear!!

B.B.Bear!!  Kuma the Bear's newest game, *B.B.Bear!!* is an action packed scrolling shooter! Zip through a barrage of enemy bullets and defeat the evil insects! Simple controls allow anyone to jump in and play! No registration or payment required.

Download Zombie Bowling!

Zombie Bowling!  Here come the Zombies again! This time around, the Zombies are lining up as bowling pins. Acquire some powerful bowling balls and aim for a strike, double, and turkey! You'll get the best feeling when you knock all those Zombies down!

Download Russian Dolls Popper!

Russian Dolls Popper!  Stand beside me, my Russian Dolls... Pop the Russian Doll open to find even smaller Russian Dolls! Can you find what's hidden inside? Kuma the Bear's newest game is fun for everyone!

Download Puzzle Battler!

Puzzle Battler!  A Hero battles monsters with puzzles! Match 3 of the same colored panels to give your Hero power! Link chain moves to defeat the monsters! Enjoy the simple controls of "Puzzle Battler!" by downloading it today! "Puzzle Battler!

Download Kuma's Digging Adventure!

Kuma's Digging Adventure!  Kuma the Bear's newest game is here! Join Kuma in exploring a mysterious island! Find dinosaur fossils and revive them! No payment or registration necessary. Intuitive controls make this game enjoyable for everyone.


NIGHTBIRD TRIGGER X 1.0.0  The brand new point shooting game from Kuma the Bear's "NIGHTBIRD TRIGGER" series has arrived! Aim for the gap when it appears! Get past the global security network!

Download DINO DOMINION 1.0.4

DINO DOMINION 1.0.4  Jump into the lost world of Isla Dormir, explore the wilds of the island, capture & battle dinosaurs, find new DNA to create exotic new one, and build up a dino empire worthy of competition!

Download Kuma's Fireworks Puzzle! 1.3.1

Kuma's Fireworks Puzzle! 1.3.1  Launch fireworks from a puzzle and light up the night skies! This time, Kuma has become a... pyrotechnist?! He travels the world, launching beautiful fireworks and impressing crowds! No registration needed, and no difficult controls!