Freeware Programs:
Download Abandoned/Moved 1.4.5

Abandoned/Moved 1.4.5  This project was abandoned in

Download Abzu 1

Abzu 1  Abzu provides everything from basic to advanced console features for any

Download Automatic Service 1.0.1170

Automatic Service 1.0.1170  Service for automatic execution of arbitrary Groovy scripts by scheduler (Quartz) in context of JBoss Application Server + Quartz

Download Books Zen Books 1.0

Books Zen Books 1.0  A JSP/MySQL-based web application allowing students to find and trade books through an intuitive

Download chessnuts 0.9b.2007.12.30

chessnuts 0.9b.2007.12.30  Online chess table for friendly play across the internet

Download Chinese Puppy Linux Project 1.0

Chinese Puppy Linux Project 1.0  Chinese Localization of Puppy Linux for Chinese

Download Class From Config for C#.NET 1.4.0

Class From Config for C#.NET 1.4.0  ClassFromConfig is code generation utility that creates a static class from your Web.config or App.config

Download Classless.Hasher rc

Classless.Hasher rc  Hasher is a .NET class library to help programmers implement standard hashing and checksum algorithms into their own software

Download DimReduction - Dimensionality Reduction 1.26

DimReduction - Dimensionality Reduction 1.26  DimReduction project provide an open-source multiplatform (Java) graphical environment for bioinformatics problems that supports many feature selection algorithms, pattern recognition techniques, criterion functions and graphic visualization

Download Emu's Encryption Tool 1.0

Emu's Encryption Tool 1.0  This tool encrypts text using polyalphabetic codetables, like the encryption systems in the middle ages

Download Exif Library for Net 1.0

Exif Library for Net 1.0  ExifLibrary is an Exif metadata library for the .NET platform

Download FesterHead's Radio Station Tools 1.0.1

FesterHead's Radio Station Tools 1.0.1  FEASST, FesterHead's Extremely Awesome SAM and SHOUTcast Tools, is a collection of tools and utilities for Internet radio stations using SAM and SHOUTcast

Download flibble 0.2.0148

flibble 0.2.0148  VoIP Toolkit / Call Control with Integrated Media. High-level Java API for creating SIP enabled VoIP applications

Download Game Savvy Lisp 0.6

Game Savvy Lisp 0.6  Game Savvy Lisp (GSL) is a library of game creation tools and functions. The aim is to allow fast expressive programming, and quick prototyping

Download Gazzera 0.3.5.beta

Gazzera 0.3.5.beta  A secure, encrypted peer-to-peer (p2p) filesharing network where you only connect to people you trust (a friend-to-friend network)

Download Graphcut 0.1

Graphcut 0.1  An open source image segmentation tool which uses the graphcut algorithm

Download GPicSync 1.03

GPicSync 1.03  Automatically geocode pictures from your camera and a GPS track

Download HDExplorer 1.0

HDExplorer 1.0  A files manager for the android phone since android1.5

Download gwt-html5-graph 1.0

gwt-html5-graph 1.0  gwt-html5-graph(GWT Diagram Library Components) based on: * Google gwt * html5-canvas: IE9/IE10/firefox/safari/opera/chrome * eclipse-gef: Graphical Editing Framework * eclipse-emf: eclipse Modeling framework< * eclipse-uml2: eclipse UML2

Download idea_stringmanip 1.2.0

idea_stringmanip 1.2.0  IntelliJ IDEA Plugin for text manipulation:-Un/Escape Java text-Un/Escape JavaScript text-Un/Escape HTML text-Trim text-Trim all spaces-Remove all spaces-grep -Duplicate line and increment

Download ImageListView 1.0.4

ImageListView 1.0.4  ImageListView is a .NET control for displaying a list of image files with asynchronously loaded thumbnails. Requires

Download iTunes Store file validator

iTunes Store file validator  iTunes Store file validator is an open source addon for Windows

Download JACL Adventure Creation Language 2.8.1

JACL Adventure Creation Language 2.8.1  JACL is an interpreted language for creating interactive fiction and other turn-based games that can be played on the desktop or over the web. This project is now hosted at Google Code. Please visit

Download Jar Jar Links 1.0rc3

Jar Jar Links 1.0rc3  Reduce Java dependency headaches by repackaging third-party

Download jImposition 2.0.3

jImposition 2.0.3  jImposition is a simple pdf2pdf converter, booklet creator and imposition solution. It is a gui frontend to the iText Java-PDF library

Download Kicad Ocaml OBSOLETE 86

Kicad Ocaml OBSOLETE 86  The project has moved! see Kicadocaml is a small project that reads and writes Kicad board (*.brd) files produced by Kicad's pcbnew software

Download libfov 1.0.3

libfov 1.0.3  Library for calculating fields of view and lighting on low resolution rasters, suitable for roguelike

Download Linux Wrath : The end of klopysoft 1.03

Linux Wrath : The end of klopysoft 1.03  Linux Wrath is a rpg/first person shooter Goal: destroy targets. Created at aueb for the computer graphics course and took us 2 weeks to complete (we were 2 people)

Download LyTeX rc

LyTeX rc  LyTeX = portable miktex + portable texworks + portable

Download Maui Abstract User Interface System 1.2.2

Maui Abstract User Interface System 1.2.2  Maui is a server and a Java Swing-like API for creating user interfaces that deploy easily to multiple devices. Various HTML and WAP platforms are currently supported