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Freeware Programs: Chipkin Automation Systems
Download CAS Modbus Explorer 1.0

CAS Modbus Explorer 1.0  CAS Modbus Explorer is a utility to discover Modbus devices on a Modus RTU network. If you dont know the connection settings or the device address then this is the utility for you. It tries all combinations of - Baud, Parity, Data Bits and Stop

Download CAS BacSpy 1.1

CAS BacSpy 1.1  An MSTP network monitor and traffic analyzer. - View the details of MSTP traffic, - Determine unused MAC address, - Determine which device is wasting bandwidth, - And much more. MSTP network monitor. Find unused MAC address, Which device is

Download CAS SI Unit Converter 1.0

CAS SI Unit Converter 1.0  If you ever need to convert millimeters in to inches, or Miles in to Kilometers then this utility is for you. It can convert just about anything to anything else. SI Unit Converter has more than 50 different units in 20 categories and with no email