Freeware Programs:
Download FTPMailzipper 2

FTPMailzipper 2  Emailing files as attachments, particularly large files or files that are possible virus containers, can be very frustrating

Download Remember to Call 1.0

Remember to Call 1.0  "Remember to call ..." is a simple and convenient reminder application. The alarm can be set as a repeat or single alarm

Download Instant Privacy Blind (IPB) 1.0

Instant Privacy Blind (IPB) 1.0  Instant Privacy Blind is a small application that can hide your screen content. Using a selectable hotkey, whatever you have on screen is instantly covered and hidden from....

Download RightCrypt 1.0

RightCrypt 1.0  A simple but powerful file encryption/decryption tool that runs from the context menu with options to compress the encrypted file, to securely wipe a file and to send the destination file to the email client

Download Clip2Crypt 1.1

Clip2Crypt 1.1  Clip2Crypt, unlike most tools of this type, does not need to be accessed once set up and it can be used with almost any text based

Download Cryptonomy 1.3

Cryptonomy 1.3  Cryptonomy is an "in place encryption tool", unlike other tools of this type, you do not need to access it once set up other than to enter a key string

Download ClipCrypt 2.0

ClipCrypt 2.0  ClipCrypt is a convenient text encryption tool that utilizes the clipboard to encrypt/decrypt text

Download RightDelete 3

RightDelete 3  RightDelete 3 adds additional options to an application that has proved to be a popular

Download Cliptonomy 2.1

Cliptonomy 2.1  Cliptonomy is a Clipboard extension that will allow users to save Clipboard content for future

Download Twilight Screen Dimmer 1.1

Twilight Screen Dimmer 1.1  Ever thought much about the brightness level of your monitor screen? When you first set up your monitor, you probably did adjust it to a comfortable level for the conditions at that time

Download Bitlets 2.2

Bitlets 2.2  Bitlets - those scraps of information that you remember you once read somewhere but you haven?t a clue where and you wish you had kept a

Download Folder Explorer 2.0

Folder Explorer 2.0  This handy little application is designed to show details about a folder and it?s content and provide convenient options not available in Windows Explorer

Download FolderSynca 1.0

FolderSynca 1.0  FolderSynca is not as comprehensive as many sync applications

Download DragTargets 2.0

DragTargets 2.0  DragTargets is an attempt to make dragging/dropping files and folders a little easier by providing convenient targets for regularly used folders, so avoiding having to open Explorer each

Download Give It A Title 2.0

Give It A Title 2.0  "A picture is worth a thousand words" is a phrase we would all understand

Download JPEG Comment Browser 1.1

JPEG Comment Browser 1.1  Commenting a JPEG can be useful. I?ve seen it described as the equivalent of writing on the back of a photograph

Download RightNail 1.0

RightNail 1.0  An image resizer or thumbnail maker that runs from the context menu and produces prime quality resampled

Download Copy N Size 5.5

Copy N Size 5.5  Copy N Size is an application that efficiently and quickly copies image files and optionally changes size and format in one action

Download Lightning Image Resizer 1.3

Lightning Image Resizer 1.3  Lightning Image Resizer is an image file sizing application able to use an adjustable number of threads to process multiple image files

Download JPEG Copy N Size 1.1

JPEG Copy N Size 1.1  JPEG Copy N Size is an application that efficiently and quickly copies JPEG files and optionally changes size, quality and name in one action. It is designed primarily to speed up copying files from your camera/memory card to disk

Download pixsCompiler 1.6

pixsCompiler 1.6  The purpose of pixsCompiler is to combine several photo images into a single composite image file. My particular interest was to create a single file that could be sent by email rather than a collection of photo files

Download RightThumb+ 2.3

RightThumb+ 2.3  RightThumb was a program designed to quickly create thumbnails

Download The Handy Image Tool 1.1

The Handy Image Tool 1.1  Make your images more presentable and your life easier with this simple to use desktop tool. Capture a bit of desktop or drop an image file on it and easily and quickly resize the image and add a title

Download ImgStrips 1.4

ImgStrips 1.4  Using ImgStrips, you can quickly and easily create a graphic showing thumbnails of a selected list of image files. Optionally, an html file with a basic image map can be created and saved with the graphic

Download imgKlone 1.0

imgKlone 1.0  imgKlone is a simple application designed to make grabbing images, resampling and saving them as easy as possible. Images can be acquired by dragging, copying or capturing. If it can be seen, it can be grabbed

Download My Other Image Grabber (MOIG) 1.0

My Other Image Grabber (MOIG) 1.0  MOIG is a small, easy to use screen capture application and basic image

Download Passport Pictures 1.0

Passport Pictures 1.0  Take a digital photo, load it, mark up crown and chin, tile the selection and print it

Download Digi-Annotator 3.0

Digi-Annotator 3.0  Digi-Annotator started life as a relatively simple program designed to add a note to a digital photo. It has grown into much more

Download Girafics 2.00

Girafics 2.00  Girafics is a program designed as a quick and easy graphic option integrated into the right click menu of Windows Explorer, though it need not be registered to run as a stand-alone