CD Executor

License: Freeware
Size: 740.0 KB
Date Added: 06 January, 2009
Category: Programming Tools / Installation Builders & Tools
Author: Arc Angel Studios

\is a CD front-end utility for your homemade CDs.



\is a CD front-end utility for your homemade CDs. CD Executor's features include: a Windows Explorer-like interface\; skins support\; an NFO/TXT file reader\; a serial number display box\; a built-in VIVO player\; and an internal unpacker for ACE and RAR archives.You can also delete partial installations when prompted (archives only), calculate total disk space required (archives only), add multiple REG files into the Registry, and create program groups and shortcuts.Moreover, you can launch files after extraction, copy multiple files to target directories, and include an uninstaller.In addition, CD Executor includes a built-in file browser with description capability, MP3 support through third party software, and the ability to add personalized information in an "About&quot\; box.The program was designed to be modular. In other words, you can select programs from several different disks and burn a new CD with almost no modifications.\

Operating Systems:  Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000

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