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Freeware Programs: Carlos Mas Salom
Download Arrow Control Lite 1.0

Arrow Control Lite 1.0  It is a game so simple it becomes addictive. You can not play a single game. This is to control the arrow and avoid obstacles that appear. Check Out my new game, try to fly the balloon!!! it's FREE!!!!

Download Tmrrrs (Timers) 1.6.3

Tmrrrs (Timers) 1.6.3  If you like having a timer for every situation, this is your app. Simple, elegant and useful. Do you need to do intervals? No problem. Want to better perform at work or use the pomodoro technique? No problem.

Download Tv Notes 2.1.1

Tv Notes 2.1.1  Ever wanted to see an episode of your favorite show but couldn't remember which episode you last saw? Ever wanted to buy an episode but weren't sure if you had already bought it?