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Freeware Programs: Canon Electronics
Download DR-2510C Job Tool 1.1

DR-2510C Job Tool 1.1  This package provides the installation of drivers for Canon imageFORMULA DR-2510C Scanner Job Tool 1.1.It has some new features for performing print operations

Download DR-2010C CaptureOnTouch 1.8

DR-2010C CaptureOnTouch 1.8  CaptureOnTouch is a scanning application designed specifically for use with Canon ImageFormula DR2010-C scanners

Download DR-1210C Job Tool 3.1

DR-1210C Job Tool 3.1  The Job Registration Tool is an application for registering jobs onto the computer for use by the job feature. With DR-1210C Job Tool you can save job settings for use with the DR-1210C's job mode from your computer, and then select those job

Download DR-3010C Job Tool 1.2

DR-3010C Job Tool 1.2  The Job Registration Tool program registers job functions to the scan button on the scanner. Register up to nine job functions (different scan settings and scan destinations) in advance. The Job Registration Tool is a TWAIN-compatible application

Download DR-4010C Job Tool 1.2

DR-4010C Job Tool 1.2  DR-4010C is a scanner that provides fast document feeding, has color/gray-scale support and can automatically detect the size of a scanner document. DR-4010C is equipped with Job Function, that enables you to scan simply by touching a job button on