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Date Added: 16 February, 2011
Category: Mobile / Multimedia
Author: stefan urban

Generate crazy pictures with Bubble Picture free!
Now more than 120 effects in the FULL version!

It's easy, it's professional and it's fun!



Generate crazy pictures with Bubble Picture free!
Now more than 120 effects in the FULL version!

It's easy, it's professional and it's fun!

Bubble Picture is a very nice image processing tool for beginners and professionals. With just one click you can add filters, textures, layers, text and 3D effects to your original image. Change color channels and gamma with the histogram tool. Just try the free version to get a feeling of what Bubble Picture is all about.

1. Color filters
With following effects you have now the possibility to create really funny pictures:

- use a white/black filter
- sepia Filter
- an inverse filter let your picture look strange
- 2 swap color filter
- sharpen
- 2 edge filter

The full Version has more than 50 color filters like:

- heat filter
- vintage
- color
- swap color
- rainbow
- blur/sharpen
- burn
- freeze
- lava
- popart
- colorsense
- glass
- mosaic
- pencil
- noise
- fast blur
- different edge filters
- and more

Most filters have also a parameter whch can be changed. Just have a look at the pictures!

2. 3D Tool
Then start editing your picture:

- create a picture through a fisheye
- use the slider to generate a bump
- stretch your photo to create a stunning effect
- move a wave through your picture

In the full version you have even more edit-filters!

3. Textures
You have more than 30 Textures to give your image a new look:
- Burned Paper
- Pencil
- Grunge
- Patchwork
- Sandstorm
- Vintage
- Splatter
- Craquelure
- Cross Hatch
- Abstract
- Abstract Flower
- Flower Power
- and more

4. Layers
Use the Layer tool like you can do in all professional Computergraphic systems. Use one of 19 blendmode.

5. Histogram Tool
Use the Histogram tool to change the gamma of your picture or just one color channel. Change also the input or output levels for all or a single channel. Just check it out.

6. Rotation Tool
Flip or Rotate your image.

7. Text Tool
Add a message to your picture or just make a 3D Font and put it on a photo. You can edit the fontsize and fontcolor. The text can be bold or italic. Place your text wherever you want on your photo!

Get this app for FREE or buy our FULL version with more effects.

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System Requirements:  Requires iOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Operating Systems:  iOS, iPhone

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