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Download FontPage 3.0.2

FontPage 3.0.2  FontPage lets you examine and compare all of the fonts on your system. You can also print out a specimen page for any font, or print a list of them. FontPage has its own character table, a compare tool, and can preview uninstalled fonts.

Download PIXresizer 2.0.2

PIXresizer 2.0.2  PIXresizer is a tool for quickly generating screen-friendly versions of your images with dramatically reduced file sizes.

Download TXTcollector 1.0.9

TXTcollector 1.0.9  TXTcollector grabs all .txt files from the directory of your choice and combines them into a new (larger) text file. This can come in handy: I use TXTcollector myself to grab a CD full of readme's to enable me to read them all in one go.

Download InTime 1.0.2

InTime 1.0.2  InTime is a small time synchronizer that allows you to set your system time over the internet, using more than a dozen NTP servers to choose from (you can also add your own).

Download ASCIIvalues 1.0.8

ASCIIvalues 1.0.8  ASCIIvalues is a small program that displays the ASCII value of each key as you press it. It shows ASCII character codes for alphabetic, numeric, and symbolic characters.

Download TempLAB 1.0.0

TempLAB 1.0.0  Not a real lab, but definitely a handy temperature conversion tool. This tiny instrument will simultaneously show Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin degrees with one push on the slider.

Download EuroConvert 2.0.3

EuroConvert 2.0.3  EuroConvert is another 'No Nonsense' tool that allows you to convert an Euro value to one of the twelve European currencies or vice versa.

Download BootStatus 1.0.3

BootStatus 1.0.3  This little thing keeps a log of times you rebooted the PC. Can come in handy. (In my early Win95 days, I created this to actually make sure I wasn't hallucinating about the times I had to reboot...