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Freeware Programs: Bill Buckels
Download Little Ben v2.0

Little Ben v2.0  is a bilingual clock program to help children ages 6 to 12 learn to tell time. The program displays a simple old-fashioned clock with hands and a face. The time is displayed in digital, graphical, and written formats (in English or French).

Download Cga2Bmp v1.0

Cga2Bmp v1.0  is a command-line BMP image file creation utility which allows you to convert four-color graphics into BMPs. The program can convert CGA 4-color screen files, BAS files, and PCX ones to 320 x 200 x 16 color BMPs.

Download WSQUASH v1.0

WSQUASH v1.0  \reduces the size of BMP images while preserving detail. The WSQUASH "Squashing&quot\; (scaling by even factors) and "Color Clipping&quot\; methods of image reduction somewhat preserve geometric objects and leave text almost readable.

Download ClipShop v1.1

ClipShop v1.1  \is a simple graphics utility which allows you to view DAT and NAM clip files ("Old ClipShop") and copy them to the Clipboard. You can select a copy command from three different ones: Copy, ThinCopy, and SmallCopy.

Download Snd2Midi v2.0

Snd2Midi v2.0  \converts "old style&quot\; PC speaker SND files to MIDI format. The program takes the simple melodies of SND files and creates equivalently simple MID files for use in programs that play MIDI via sound card (such as Windows Media Player).

Download VGAFan Screen Saver Sixpack v1.0

VGAFan Screen Saver Sixpack v1.0  consists of six nice screen savers, including a kaleidescope. VGAFan creates a color serpent fan on a black background which bounces off the corners of the screen and randomly changes color and shape.

Download Splitit v3.0

Splitit v3.0  \allows you to split, join, and delete files in the current directory. You can split files from the current directory to floppy disks, and join files from floppy disks to the current directory.