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Download Halloween Tricks or Treats 1.0

Halloween Tricks or Treats 1.0  In the mood for some Halloween fun? This puzzle game is loaded with tricks and treats to entertain you as you wait for Halloween night.

Download Pocket Kingdoms QP 1.0

Pocket Kingdoms QP 1.0  Explore, expand, and build your own kingdom in this exciting,new strategy game. Designed exclusively for the iphone and ipod touch, Pocket Kingdoms is a unique and complex strategy game with easy to grasp rules and simple controls.

Download Sing Along Christmas Carols Free 1.0

Sing Along Christmas Carols Free 1.0  Love to sing along to Christmas Carols, but can't always remember all the words? Or simply wish you knew more carols to sing? Then get our handy little Christmas Carol karaoke-style app.

Download Halloween Voice Transformer 1.2

Halloween Voice Transformer 1.2  Trick your friends and give yourself a treat this halloween! Record yourself saying anything then morph your voice into an eerie alien, wicked witch, grim reaper, scary monster, spacey robot, or spooky ghost.

Download Player Piano Free 1.4

Player Piano Free 1.4  From the makers of Pocket Piano (Best of 2008 Apple Apps)... Player Piano doesn't just play piano music, it lets you play it too.