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Freeware Programs: Bernie-Built Manufacturing
Download QuickFill by BB 1.0.0

QuickFill by BB 1.0.0  To fill lots of forms with similar text you'll love this tool. QuickFill by BB is specifically designed to copy your templates onto the clipboard for quick paste into emails, documents and forms.

Download PadEditor by BB 1.0.0

PadEditor by BB 1.0.0  PAD files allow software developers to submit program information to participating sites without the need of filling in lengthy forms.

Download PicMan by BB 1.0.0

PicMan by BB 1.0.0  Each time you modify a web page, chances are the list of unwanted pics on your hard disk and server mysteriously grows. It;s hard to clean up with no idea which ones are required for the page or which are just wasting space.

Download FindPath by BB 1.0.0

FindPath by BB 1.0.0  Drag and drop FindPath into any folder then run it to copy the directory path to the clipboard. Use itfor shortcuting dialogue boxnavigation.Just paste the path into any dialogue box to navigate to your desired folder in just one click.