Freeware Programs:
Download Flash Text Replacer 1.0

Flash Text Replacer 1.0  Flash Text Replacer script generates Flash headings dynamically: the text is written to the webpage, and then converted on page load by Flash and JS., making the text appear anti-aliased and image-like. So that's exactly what this script does.

Download htmlArea Generator 1.01

htmlArea Generator 1.01  htmlArea Generator dynamically creates htmlAreas for you, simply by pointing and clicking through a simple UI.You can choose the buttons / dropdowns you want, the colours, and all manner of text / style options from within a user-friendly interface.

Download Smart Lists 1.0

Smart Lists 1.0  Smart Lists is light-weight (8KB) script that lets you convert "flat" HTML lists of information into categorized, paginated lists.

Download Webpage Emailer 1.0

Webpage Emailer 1.0  This script, written in PHP and MySQL, emails the contents of a webpage to a list of people. You just add your list of people through the UI, enter a URL, click "Send" and it does the rest.

Download Really Simple Validation 2.5

Really Simple Validation 2.5  This small but powerful script lets you add javascript validation to your forms quickly and with very little effort.

Download Flash Image Scroller 1.71

Flash Image Scroller 1.71  The Flash image scroller is a simple, free (GNU-licenced), highly configurable Flash script that you can add to your webpages to provide an intuitive "window" to scroll through a series of thumbnail images.