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License: Freeware
Date Added: 27 November, 2012
Category: Scripts / Images and Graphs
Author: benspicgallery

This is a photo gallery program for sharing pictures and video from a digital camera with family and friends. It is a single PHP file that is easy to install on your own web server.



This is a photo gallery program for sharing pictures and video from a digital camera with family and friends. It is a single PHP file that is easy to install on your own web server. A major goal with this project is to have a simple and intuitive interface that is easy for your whole family to use. Features: - Full screen slideshow - You only need to provide the original pictures, a cache of thumbnail and screen images is automatically maintained - Automatic rotation of images based on EXIF orientation data - Videos are converted to the Flash .flv format for maximum browser compatibility and low bandwidth - Video thumbnails generated from first frame - Pictures are automatically scaled to fit on any screen with Javascript - Load balancing mirror feature can speed up image loading when bandwidth is limited. - RSS feeds for easily sharing your latest photos with iPhoto users - Save photo destriptions in the JPEG file comments of the original file (like writing on the back of a print) - Only "admin" users can modify comments or delete files - The original photos do not need to be available thru the web server or can be restricted with a .htaccess file - Visitors can buy photos using Digibug's service - Multiple pictures can be downloaded in a zip file from the shopping cart - Local configuration variables can be save in a separate file to make it easy to upgrade - Specific features can be disabled - Diagnostic feedback to help fix permission and dependency problems Requirements: · Apache web server · PHP with GD and EXIF support · ffmpeg (for videos) · flvtool2 (for adding metadata to videos) · jhead (for editing JPEG file comments) · zip (for downloading zip files) · a flash video player (for playing the flv files in the browser)

Operating Systems:  PHP, Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS

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