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Download Click MusicalKEYS 3

Click MusicalKEYS 3  Click MusicalKEYS is a free onscreen MIDI musical keyboard. With 127 different instruments, you can play the best music of your choice. Click MusicalKEYS can record your favorite tunes so that you can replay them later.

Download Folder Checker 1.2

Folder Checker 1.2  Folder Checker is a simple application for Windows that monitors user-defined folders and makes records about all changes that have been made in them

Download Polytones Wizard 2.0

Polytones Wizard 2.0  Polytones Wizard allows users to download wallpapers and ringtones to cellphones by selecting them from the computer. It was useful when bluetooth was not available for file transfering back in the days. The application is free to install and use on