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Download Babya bPicture 6.0

Babya bPicture 6.0  Babya bPicture 6.0 is a free and powerful image management application. It comes with Babya Presenter and Babya Photo Workshop Professional 6.5.

Download Babya bPlayer 1.0

Babya bPlayer 1.0  Babya bPlayer is a small and easy to use MP3 player. bPlayer's interface colors can be customized, and has a cool visulisation while playing music.

Download Babya Presenter 1.0

Babya Presenter 1.0  Babya Presenter is a easy to use presentation package, with a basic and a 'studio' interface. Many images are provided. It can integrate with Babya Photo Workshop Professional.

Download Babya Logic 1.0

Babya Logic 1.0  Babya Logic is an innovative and powerful suite of pro-quality audio production software, which includes Babya Logic, an 8-track MIDI sequencer that enables users to create and score their own music using a variety of pro-quality applications. Also