Freeware Programs:
Download WIFI Key Generator 1.0

WIFI Key Generator 1.0  If your wlan product requires 40bits keys, generate a 64bit key. If it requires a 104bits key, generate a 128bit key. You can enter a phrase with a maximum length of 63 characters, or choose a random phrase

Download WEP Key Generator 1.0

WEP Key Generator 1.0  With WEP key Generator you will be able to generate a valid WEP key from a 5,13,16 or 29 characters long

Download Fi-Bench

Fi-Bench  Fi-Bench is a simple tool specially designed for Dual CPU computers, that will test the performance of your processor

Download AtleX CPU Speed 1.0

AtleX CPU Speed 1.0  AtleX?s CPU Speed application was designed to help you determine the exact speed of your system processor. AtleX CPU Speed will give a detailed report about you CPU speed, name, type and memory information