Freeware Programs: Atalasoft
Download Atalasoft Batch Watermarker 1.0

Atalasoft Batch Watermarker 1.0  With this application, you no longer need to spend hours toiling in Photoshop repeating the same action over and over again

Download Scan To Scribd 1.0

Scan To Scribd 1.0  This is a free application that can scan documents and upload them to your Scribd account. You can choose to OCR them first, so that your scanned documents will show up in search queries (courtesy of the Google Tesseract OCR engine)

Download OcrSelector 1.0

OcrSelector 1.0  The heart of this app is your DocumentViewer control that acts as a document image browser. It provides a thumbnail view and an image selection tool

Download Atalasoft PDF Image Grabber 1.0

Atalasoft PDF Image Grabber 1.0  The PDF Image Grabber allows you to take embedded images out of PDF Files. Simply open the PDF, choose the page, and then choose which image you want. Then click the Save button and pick a file name

Download Atalasoft Screen Cut 1.0

Atalasoft Screen Cut 1.0  Atalasoft Screen Cut sits in your system tray waiting to spring to life. When you double-click it, it will put a gray transparency over your screen