Freeware Programs:
Download Asymptopia Math Crossword Builder 3.2

Asymptopia Math Crossword Builder 3.2  by Charles B. Cosse Powerful Crossword Puzzle Builder with Math capabilities. Written in Javascript, it runs completely in a javascript browser to generate unlimited layouts of user-supplied words and equations. Use file->print (to file) to

Download Asymptopia Math Volcano 1.3

Asymptopia Math Volcano 1.3  by Charles Cosse: Math Volcano is a JavaScript web application for memorizing multiplication tables through "12 x 12

Download AsymptopiaBlackJack 1.3

AsymptopiaBlackJack 1.3  by Charles B. Cosse:Asymptopia BlackJack is a graphical blackjack program using PyGame for graphics. You decide which player to control.Teaches kids to gamble without losing their allowance

Download Research Master 31

Research Master 31  ResearchMaster is a tool that you can trust to help with organization, multitasking, and research

Download Tux Math Scrabble 0.7.4

Tux Math Scrabble 0.7.4  Tux Math Scrabble encourages kids to construct compound equations and consider multiple abstract possibilities. The latest version (0.7