Freeware Programs: ASUS
Download Net4Switch 1.0

Net4Switch 1.0  This program can help when you must set network again and again when moving from one place to another ( set network environment like IP, DNS, proxy )

Download Disk Unlocker 2.0

Disk Unlocker 2.0  Disk Unlocker- a brand new exclusive (patent pending) technology from ASUS. This is the first software solution to overcome current operating system limitations that prevent a hard disk drive from utilizing more than 2048GB (also known as 2.2TB)

Download Eee Super Hybrid Engine 2.1

Eee Super Hybrid Engine 2.1  The Asus Super Hybrid Engine is a software application that comes with Eee PC netbooks running Windows

Download Eee Instant Key 1.0

Eee Instant Key 1.0  Eee PC is one of a handful of small, inexpensive PCs with a fast and efficient hard drive. The keys are small and are positioned close together. Instant Key utility provided by Asus can launch EXE program files

Download E-Hammer 1.0

E-Hammer 1.0  E-Hammer allows you to permanently delete the data on writable disc (CD-R and DVD-R) formats. Once the data is deleted it cannot be recovered or restored, and the optical drive will not be able to read the disc

Download SceneSwitch 1.0

SceneSwitch 1.0  During presentations, no matter how large the audience, unevitably questions arise

Download ASUS AiCloud Lite 1.02.84

ASUS AiCloud Lite 1.02.84  All you need to get into the cloud world with AiCloud is a compatible ASUS router, and up you go. Please goto to find the latest version of ASUSWRT which supports ASUS AiCloud.